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About Tripfella

For more than 15 years Tripfella has been a professional manufacturer and designer of pannier cases, pannier racks, top cases, top racks, crashbars, soft bags, and other motorcycle accessories.


All cases are made of high-quality aluminum. Case trunks are manufactured of 2mm material with only one (!) seam*. Tops and bottoms are 3mm thick, seamless, which makes them sturdier than any other similar product. The bottom is riveted to the trunk. 2cm wide overlap area is waterproof and has 5mm overall thickness — a unique feature of our product. The top part of the trunk is enhanced with a 2mm stainless steel band. These help our sturdy cases to out-compete even top brands. Not to mention that the product weight is kept at 5.5-6.5 kg.    

*For cases without notches.


Due to special groove sealants on the top and on the trunk, our cases are highly resistant to dust and water. They keep your stuff dry and clean after any rain, wash, or dusty road.    


All fittings are made of stainless steel and have high performance characteristics. Replaceable. Hinge locks allow you to open side cases in both directions (left to right and right to left), including complete top removal. The locks have inbuilt retaining latches that will fasten the case for you. To get it open just push the button in the lower part of the lock. Thus, you do not need to use the key every time you lock (or unlock) our case.


Special plastic patch with bump protects corners and adjacent flat areas of the case from damage (when falling) and from other objects. Replace the patch easily, if damaged, to make your case look brand new!

Convenient handles on both sides of each case (for transportation).

4 loops to fasten your stuff, bags, or adjustable handles to the case top.

Reflective stickers make you more noticeable on the road day and night.